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Our Services in Demolition

At Easy Demolition Company, we offer you the best service to our clients with high quality demolition service in St. Louis. We are concerned about our client’s satisfaction and all the requirements of our clients throughout the project.

Our company has been serving our clients for more than ten years by providing them with the quality service they want. We offer different kinds of Demolition services like 

, large, commercial, residential, house, building, industrial, reliable excavation, and Bridge demolition contractors. Along with that we also offer Concrete Removal, Hauling Service, and Asbestos removal services in St. Louis.

We are a very trusted and one of the top choices of St. Louis when it comes to providing high quality service to our clients with the help of our skilled, experienced, and highly trained professionals demolition crews who contributes to making an effort to demolish your property with the latest tools and technology to serve our clients as well as for their protection.

We are confident about being the most effective and affordable company because of our effectiveness and quality of service with the best methods included in deconstruction methods which are all handled with the professionals and latest technology and that makes us the top choice among demolition companies in St. Louis.


Demolition Services
Concrete Removal

Why easy demolition company?

Are you looking for the effective and trustworthy demolition service in St. Louis? Easy Demolition Company is ready to serve you with the most reliable solutions. We strongly believe that every business, family, homeowners or any kind of industries deserves a well and safe demolition process so that they could get rid of the old one and restart new process.

If you want the similar service with a trusted professionals at affordable price, you can choose us. Some other reasons why you should consider us for the service are as

  • Experienced Team: Our experts have been working with our clients for many years, providing quality services to clients. With the knowledge and skill of our demolition crew, we are able to handle all the process with safe and effective way to give you the area that you wanted.
  • We Listen to our Clients: We fathom that every client and their project can be different and the process to deal with it can be different. If we are given the contract to deconstruct the place to build a new one, we respect the client’s choice and their needs, we make them feel comfortable and heard. We work close with our clients to make sure everything is as they need, and their expectations are matched properly.
  • Perfection: We do not settle for less when it comes to the client’s safety and quality service. If we are given the demolition or any other contract, we make sure that the work is done perfectly with 100% accuracy.
  • Client’s safety and protection: The optimal aim of Easy demolition company is to provide the best environment and protection to our clients. We don’t provide any service by risking our client’s safety and well being.
  • Affordable Pricing: We can understand that not every client or business can afford a high price for this service. We know that everyone has the right to build or rebuild what they want. Our affordable price helps a lot of clients to get their dream buildings or get rid of unwanted ones.
  • Best Service: We assure you that with our experienced and trained professionals, you can believe and trust our process and the service that we provide you. We have been serving our clients for very long period of time and we are always successful on making them satisfied.

Our Demolition, Removal and waste removal services

Commercial demolition process

Doesn’t matter if you are seeking a small area or building demolition, a large one, or any other architect, we are always there to help you with a smile. We have been handling a lot of projects in past years and we every time make sure or try not only to meet the standard and expectations but to go beyond that. When you think about destroying or deconstructing the house or property, we don’t only think about demolishing it, there are more steps after that like making the area empty and clean, but we have you covered. We have these services as well, we provide aftermath services like concrete removal, hauling, and asbestos removal too.

So, why would you worry about hiring different companies or professionals for different services when we can provide you all by ourselves at a very affordable price? We can make sure that all the wastages and hazards are well managed and disposed properly without letting you get infected or affected by it. We welcome you to get along with us to make your dreams come true. Contact us to get the service from us in St. Louis


Demolition and explosion process

`Easy Demolition Company provides demolition services to their clients as per their needs and requirements and our Demolition crews provide the services for small to large companies when it comes to razing down the property in a safe manner. Our demolition services cover a wide range of areas like residential, commercial and industrial. We use the latest technologies to run all operations smoothly and enhance project accuracy, and provide transparent communication throughout the process. Our professionals are equipped to handle the complexities of commercial demolitions, keeping in mind to the industry standards and regulations while ensuring minimal destruction to your business operations. Our skilled technicians possess the knowledge and tool to dismantle structures, machinery, and equipment with the best care, creating a clean slate for your next venture. For any kind of demolition services, you may not worry because you can just rest assured that your place is going to be demolished without any defaults, and you will get fully satisfied with our service. We always focus on the safety and cleanliness of our customers during the whole service. Our Demolition crews provide services like small to large companies when it comes to razing down the property in a safe manner.


Concrete Removal

Concrete removal process

As a leading name in the industry, Easy Demolition Company bring unparalleled expertise, the best equipment, and a commitment to excellence to every project with efficiency. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or contractor, we’re here to provide tailored solutions for concrete removal as per your specifications and needs. Our skilled team specializes in safely removing old concrete, transforming your residential spaces into more clean and hygienic for your creative vision. Our technicians are experts at dismantling heavy-duty concrete structures and slabs, allowing for seamless reconfiguration or expansion of your industrial facilities. Reach out to us today to discuss your project and experience firsthand how we’re reshaping spaces, one break at a time. Together, let’s redefine what’s possible and pave the way for a brighter future. We provide the best concrete removal service as a trusted and best choice for people in St Louis. We have been giving services to our clients and making them happy for more than decades. We make sure that your paths are all clear by removing all the concretes which were due to the demolition by our professionals.


Hauling Service

Lined up transportation for hauling service

At Easy Demolition Company it is easier to understand the value of effective hauling services to keep your area more clean and hygienic. We have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated in providing excellent services to handle all sorts of waste removal needs. Our services include removal of different debris that can be a result of construction activities on the site, handling complicated industrial waste removal and disposal complying with legal requirements. We also provide reliable services for the management of commercial waste and residential junk This is to ensure that there is proper work with proper efficiency, working in a healthy, conducive work environment. The hauling process is quite distinct for every job, and we take into consideration different factors that help us provide a better and efficient result for you. We are backed by our team of experts in this field with advanced technologies and techniques. We strive to provide effective results. We guarantee you the best service when it comes to successfully removing and disposing of waste for a safe and sound environment.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal process

Easy Demolition Company provides asbestos removal services in St louis for a long time and has been able to give quality services to its clients. Our mission is to safeguard your space by providing comprehensive and professional asbestos removal services. With a dedication to safety, adherence to regulations, and a commitment to your well-being, we’re here to guide you through the process of asbestos removal. We provide our services to residential, commercial, industrial, and many more sectors. If you suspect asbestos-containing materials in your residential space, our expert team is equipped to assess, remove, and dispose of them responsibly, ensuring your family’s health comes first. Our commercial asbestos removal services address the unique challenges of commercial spaces, prioritizing the health of all occupants while minimizing disruptions to your operations. If you want to get asbestos service near your industry then our specialized team is trained to handle the complexities of asbestos removal in industrial settings, promoting a healthier work environment for your team. We care about your health and well-being. Our highly skilled experienced professionals take care of all the harmful materials.


WHAT IS DEMOLITION SERVICE? Demolition is the process of safely tearing down buildings or any other manmade architecture. It is also called deconstruction which means breaking the property or buildings and safely preserving the reusable materials. Demolition services contain destruction and cleaning the man made buildings or other artificial structures. Easy Demolition Company provides the best and safest deconstruction and cleaning of your property to build a new one.

WHY DO WE NEED PROFESSIONALS FOR DEMOLITION? There are several reasons why you should hire professionals for demolition. If you are planning for deconstructing your current space in order to construct a new one, you can’t do it on your own. You may need the type of vehicle made for it, the necessary skills as well as proper training and knowledge that will be required in order to complete the process. Professionals can take care of it while making sure about your safety from the danger that the process brings.

WHAT TYPE OF STRUCTURES DO YOU DEMOLISH? We as a service-providing company, demolish every man-made structure. We don’t mind if the project is very small or a huge one, we never step back on giving services. However, here are some services that we are specialized on: Commercial Demolition contract, Residential Demolition Services, House Demolition Contractors, Building Demolition Contractors, Industrial Demolition, Reliable Excavation Demolition, and Bridge Demolition Contractors.

WHAT SAFETY MEASURES DO YOU TAKE IN THE DEMOLITION SITE? If you are in a Demolition site or working on a demolition project, the first and foremost thing that you should be concerned of is peoples, area, and the environment’s safety. Deconstruction of a buildings or bridges is the scary process to do which involves human safety to question. At Easy Demolition Company, we are very careful towards each safety protocols. Our professionals are well trained and equipped with safety protocols. We use latest technology to detect and prevent us from hazard materials and other infectious and harmful objects.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO FINISH THE DEMOLITION PROJECT? The project completion of demolition varies from the type and area of the project. If the area or building or architect is small and easy to tear, it takes days to complete the process. But, if the project area is large and hard to tear, it may take several days or weeks or even months totally depending upon the kind of projects.

HOW MUCH DOES THE OVERALL DEMOLITION SERVICE COST? The cost of overall process cannot be said exactly as we need to see and evaluate the project and area of the project to determine the total cost of it. However, you can be sure that Easy demolition company is the most affordable one in St. Louis. Contact us to know more about pricing.

DO YOU ALSO PROVIDE AFTERMATH SERVICE? When you tear down a place completely, next what? There are still going to be the crusts of buildings in the area as they won’t be just vanished after tearing out. If you are wondering about where to get the service that would do all the things, worry not. We also provide services like Concrete Removal, Hauling Services and Asbestos Removal so that you could rely upon one company for everything.


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