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Demolition Services

Large demolition project area

Are you exhausted of buildings or architects that control all the attention? Well, don’t worry! Welcome to Easy Demolition company and get the best service if you are willing to deconstruct or tear down your place for the better. We turn structural sensation into huge pieces of ashes, and we do the process with professionals who are very skilled and talented which can make even the most confident and energetic wrecking ball feel envious.

We provide various other services like Concrete Removal, Hauling service and asbestos removal. We provide demolition service to all residential as well as commercial areas. We are not only there for you if you need to destroy or demolish the buildings or any spaces but also to remove all the concretes that remain after the demolition process. We are always there for our clients who are worried about the process related to demolishing buildings.   

 If you have ever dreamed about getting rid of any structures or buildings or bridges or anything that is manmade and wonder if that could just disappear so that you would be able to build another one or a better one, you have come to the right place. So, grab your attention and rest assured and observe our way of working and see how chaos situation turns into complete peace. Don’t worry about safety as we care about our clients and the demolition crews as well. We don’t compromise our worker’s and client’s health and safety; we carry all the safety measures that will be necessary for the project area.

Who can take benefit from demolition Services?

Demolition of commercial area


We don’t vary in giving services to people in any way. Everyone living in St. Louis who is registered and has legal properly can contact us to take our service. We offer every individual, business, and organization to get our service at an affordable price. People like property owners, businesses, and construction companies rely on our service to clear out their old buildings or structures into new sites to develop a better one in the future. We are always here if you want to clear out the old space to build your new dream.

So, get benefit from Easy Demolition Company by hiring professionals from us because hiring experts with skills and knowledge of rules and regulations and environmental inspection ensures the safety and reliable operation throughout the process.

Our Demolition services

vehicle demolishing the building

As a demolishing company, we provide different kinds of services that can best suit people’s needs and requirements because there are many varieties of structures and all of them are different and so is their process. We provide services from small demolition to large demolition and commercial to residential areas in that matter. If you need any kind of services from our company, please feel free to contact us and let us know what kind of services do you want. Our team of experts are always ready to help you. Here are the services that we provide to our clients.

 Small and Large Demolition

House demolition-contractors st Louis

We specialize in providing our demolition to small areas or spaces as well as large ones. Small demolition consists of demolishing the places or structures which are relatively smaller and small portions of a building or any other properties. It is not like any other demolition that is performed on a large scale that can involve complete destruction or dismantling of large buildings or complexes which is known as a large demolition service. Small demolitions are mainly focused on manageable and compact projects that hold small spaces and less time to perform. Whereas large demolition is focused on dismantling huge complexes and buildings that take time to complete. There can be differences in the scope of small demolition projects but they involve architectures or structures that are not extensive. Small demolition includes removing a small garage, interior destructions, small commercial structures, demolition of a room of a house, etc, and Large demolition includes large buildings, Industrial projects, stadium demolition, military base demolition and many more.

Commercial and residential demolition

residential and commercial demolition

We provide you with the service of demolition that is carried out in commercial properties or residential properties. Commercial demolition includes the destruction or dismantling of structures and buildings used for business purposes like retail areas, industrial projects, entertainment spaces and much more. Usually, most of commercial demolition are large projects. Whereas, Residential demolition focuses on the destruction of buildings or areas where people live and spend their personal life like houses, apartments, garages and many more. Usually, most residential demolition is small project as it happens on a smaller scale, but it still requires all the hard work and safety protocols as much as large ones. Both commercial and residential demolition projects need experienced professionals to perform their tasks safely while following the local regulations, considering the issues related to the environment’s safety.

Industrial Demolition Service

Industrial demolition service

Industrial demolition service includes the destruction or demolition of large scale industrial architecture, buildings or structures, such as factories, warehouses, and any other industrial projects or areas. The main thing that these projects require is professionals with experience and advanced equipment and also careful planning due to the unique challenges posed by industrial structures to complete the service with safe and quality delivery. Industrial demolition usually involves dealing with heavy machinery, complex structural systems, and potentially dangerous and hazardous materials.

Excavation Demolition

excavation service in St Louis

Excavation is the process of clearing out the rocks and other materials from the site of the project or surface so that the construction could be smooth and easy. Trust Easy Demolition Company for reliable service. Unlike traditional demolition processes and methods that may involve the complete destruction of a building, excavation demolition is more focused and controlled, focusing on removing specific elements of a structure while preventing other parts to get destroyed. It is basically used in renovation projects where only specific parts of a building need to be removed, such as when renovating an interior space or any other layout. If you want a specific part or area of your place or office to be demolished, we are always there for you.

Bridge Demolition

Bridge demolition service in St Louis

Bridge demolition refers to the process of dismantling or removing a bridge or a section of a bridge that is no longer in use, structurally unsound, or requires replacement. It is a specialized type of demolition that requires careful planning, engineering expertise, and adherence to safety protocols due to the scale and complexity of bridge structures.  

Our Demolition Process

Demolition staff with safety on

Early Consulting: We always start every project or every site by consulting you in deep to understand your unique needs and requirements, the scope of your projects and also the time that is required by you to complete the project. Our trained and experienced professionals will carefully assess the project site and evaluate the challenges that are going to take place during the process and they will also provide you best plan that is best suitable for you.

Safety Precautions: Safety The important thing that we take care of and are conscious of is the safety of our clients and also the environment where we breathe during every demolition project. We properly manage the risk assessment that is needed. we also implement safety protocols and safety equipment and use very protective gear to make sure of the safety and well being of our team and also our clients. 

Rules and Regulations: We understand how important it is to deal with regulations and rules that can be demoralizing. We take care of the rules and regulations that are processed by the local government. We always take care of the paperwork that is necessary to make sure that all the demolition process can comply with local laws and regulations.

Proper Execution: We are really proud of our team especially our demolition professionals who are highly skilled and experienced that utilize the equipment we also use high and advanced techniques to carry out the process of our service in a very efficient way. We take care to get rid of dust , noise and other hazards to the near properties or environment. 

Cleaning and Recycling: After completing the demolition process and overall service, we make sure to clear the projects and sites in a very deep and thorough nature, because we need to leave it just to make it ready for the next stage of your projects or sites. Furthermore, we prioritize responsible waste management and recycling to reduce our environmental sustainability.